Client Care

Cutler Properties Client Care Program

When you work with (either as a buyer or seller) Koli Cutler, you will be presented with a certificate granting you information concerning valuable local professionals who can help make your home selling or home buying process easier, faster and more profitable. You will also be eligible for discounts available exclusively via Mr. Cutler’s Client Care Program. Koli is passionate about high standards in the real estate and construction business, and maintains a database of over 13,000 names and address which he constantly updates. You can take advantage of the tradespeople he has discovered who truly do an outstanding job for their clients by becoming a client of his. Whether buying or selling, you can become a member of the Client Care Program and all of its benefits. Since this list is always growing, what follows is not necessarily the complete list.

  • Two law firms who specialize in real estate.
  • A house painter who specializes in interior work.
  • A lawn care contractor and a landscaping & yard maintenance firm.
  • A handyman service who provides hauling of trash and debris.
  • Another handyman who can do minor plumbing, electrical and carpentry.
  • A third handyman who specialises in windows, doors and small remodelling projects.
  • A floral arrangement artist for the yard or your interior.
  • A Feng shui consultant for placement of your home on your lot or for improving the impression your home makes on visitors.
  • A wood floor refinisher.

At the time our listing agreement or buyer brokerage agreement is signed you will be given a Client Care Certificate with the names, phone numbers and web addresses of the services above and a description of their exclusive offer to you should you need to use their services in your home sale or your next home purchase.